Monday, September 19, 2011

Love and Inspirational quotes: Papa jack advice collection #3

The wonders of life come in different colors.
Different colors has different meanings and symbols. Just like life, there are different people has different experiences and story of life. 

If you hate the guy, stop loving the guy, so you stop hating them.
The more you hate, the more you love. There are times that when we love someone, we expect too much. That is why sometimes we hate them of what they are doing. 

Mistakes are the painful reminder that we can make things right.
When we use a pencil to write something...then we do mistakes in writing. Technically, a person will erase it and wrote again. That is life. So dont be afraid of making mistakes. But remember sometimes we have to be afraid to make mistakes. Because the eraser of a pencil...become smaller and smaller until its gone. If that will happen, we cant erase or make it right. 

If your relationship is more of a hell than a heaven, end it.
A relationship like hell is not healthy. Its ok if sometimes you experience hell and sometimes heaven. But if you always have a hell relationship. You have to decide to let go. You deserve to have a relationship like heaven.
You dont enjoy life with him/her. In a relationship if no one cares about the relationship to make it feel like heave. Then they dont value the relationship they have.

Loves has its own reason and that reason is unknown.
Sometimes when my friends ask me "why do you love him?" I cant answer it immediately. But i really love him. People define love in many ways. What is really love? 

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